News on UK Boarding Schools

Introducing RSL Educational


Which Boarding School has teamed up with RSL Educational to bring you guidance, advice and resources teaching best practice and exam technique for students looking to apply to a UK independent school.
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The UK school system

Co-educational, Methodist Approach

To outsiders, the British education system can seem very confusing. Why is it that some of the most expensive private schools are known as public schools, and if you go to college, the chances are you have either done very well, or very badly in your A levels, so where does university fit in to all that?
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How to cope with homesickness


School has started again and there will be some pupils who will have a pretty tough time with homesickness, especially if it’s their first time away from home, so we asked some ex-boarders how they coped with those difficult moments. They all agreed that the best piece of advice they could give would be to make friends and to keep busy.
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