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Boarding Schools in England for children and teenagers

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Boarding Schools in England provide world-class education to students not just from the UK but all around the world. Large grounds, incredible facilities and inspiring teachers allow students to thrive and reach their full potential in some of the best educational environments in the world. A vast array of co-curricular activities are available at these schools, with many offering sports as exciting as kayaking, trampoline and rock climbing, as well as drama and performing arts activities in purpose built theatres and studios. Which Boarding School works with a large number of these boarding schools in England and help make the application process much easier for you.

Many boarding schools in England have both a preparatory school and a senior school, accepting students from ages 3 to 18 years-old, however at Which Boarding School we also work with a small number of schools whose age range is slightly wider. There are many advantages to remaining in the same school right the way through your childhood; students find they establish a real sense of community and belonging to the school, and are able to form really strong friendships over this period to last a lifetime. This being said, some schools are only preparatory or only senior schools, and here at Which Boarding School we can help you find the right school for your child and make the transition between schools seamless.

There are a variety of boarding schools available in England: co-educational, girls only, and boys only. Studies have shown advantages and disadvantages to both types of education, and after various meetings and conversations the experts at Which Boarding School will be able to advise you on which type of boarding school they believe would best suit your child.

Choosing a school for your child can feel like a high-pressure and daunting decision to make. There are many things to consider, from the type of school, to academic selectivity of the school, to the activities on offer – choosing a boarding school in England can be overwhelming. Luckily, Which Boarding School can offer you free, expert advice on the best boarding school for your child. A series of informal meetings and discussions with both parents and their children will help our experts determine each individual child’s strengths, weaknesses and priorities, allowing us to make a well-informed decision about the boarding school in England that your child will be most happy at.

Visa to study in the UK: Everything you need to know

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Since Brexit, all students under the age of 18 who come to the UK to study for more than 6 months must obtain a visa to study in the UK – this is called the Child Study Visa.

To decide whether your child needs to apply for this visa, you must take into account the fact that the time period begins on the day of arrival into the country. This time period continues to roll on regardless of the number of times the child leaves and re-enters the UK. Therefore, a stay of over 6 months is any course that lasts more than 6 months from the beginning to the end, including holidays.

When to apply for the visa to study in the UK and how long it lasts

The application for a visa to study in the UK must be made while the student is outside of the UK. Ideally, one should apply before the term begins – you can apply up to 6 months in advance.

– Under 16s can request their visa for a maximum period of 6 years (plus 4 additional months at the end).
– Students between 16 and 17 years of age can have their visa for a maximum of 3 years (plus 4 additional months at the end).

You can apply for a visa which allows the student to arrive up to a month before the beginning of the course, but the student must not arrive at the UK before the date specified on the visa.

What is the cost of a visa to study in the UK?

The cost is £348, plus medical insurance. The medical insurance is essential to obtain the visa and the cost varies depending on the duration of the stay in the UK.

What can and can’t be done with a visa to study in the UK?

This visa is only given to students who have a place at a private school in the UK, and this school must be on a specific list of institutions which can accept student visas. Every school that we work with here at Which Boarding School is on this list and will be able to provide you with any necessary documentation.

In the UK, young people can work from the age of 16. For those older than 16 (but under 18), this visa will also give them the right to work:

– Part-time for a maximum of 10 hours a week during the school term.
– Full-time during the holidays.

The visa to study in the UK does not allow the student to:

– Study at a local authority-funded school.
– Obtain benefits.
– Work full time or be self-employed.
– Work as a professional sportsperson.
– Apply for Settled Status.
– Bring a family member with them. If parents want to accompany their child there is a different visa specifically for that. Ask us for information on that and we will advise you.

What information is necessary to obtain a visa to study in the UK?

All the schools that we work with are institutions accepted by the government, so a place at one of these schools will guarantee you the necessary documentation to apply.

For boarding schools, if the applicant is Spanish, they will not need to provide evidence that they have sufficient funds to pay the school fees. However, they may ask you for evidence before granting the visa.

Necessary documentation to apply for a visa to study in the UK:

– Valid passport.
– Confirmation of a place in the school.
– Written consent from both parents or legal guardians for the student’s stay in the UK (unless the legal responsibility falls only on one person, in which case the consent from only this one person would be valid).
– Birth certificate or family record book which shows the parental relationship with the student.

The application should be made online and with the student outside of the UK.

best boarding schools in the UK

5 best boarding schools in the United Kingdom

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The UK has many excellent boarding schools; in fact the UK’s private boarding schools are still seen as the gold standard by many, against which others are judged. According to, the appeal of the british boarding system lies in the combination of quality of life, favourable currency exchange rate and access to what are viewed as the best universities in the world.
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Best boarding schools in Edinburgh

5 best boarding private and independent schools in Edinburgh or near

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Scotland offers a safe and welcoming environment for students wishing to study and board at one of the country’s excellent private and independent boarding schools. Today we will list for you the best boarding schools in Edinburgh. Scotland offers the unique contrast of rolling hills and idyllic, rural locations whilst also benefitting from the culturally-rich and vibrant cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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Best Boarding Schools in England for French students

5 best Boarding Schools in England for French students


The UK has so many excellent boarding schools; many have been around for hundreds of years so they have had time to develop their own particular traditions, feel and personality. We are certain that there is a school to suit most parents requirements, but what are the best Boarding Schools in England for French students.

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2022 and 2023 school calendar in England

2023 and 2024 school calendar in England

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For many parents living abroad the education system in the UK can be confusing and difficult to understand. Why for example does the school year start in September and why is May to June an important exam season for many children? Here we will try to unravel the 2023 and 2024 school calendar in England for you and explain the key dates in any school’s calendar.

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How to choose a boarding school in England from Italy

How to choose a boarding school in England from Italy


For students from Italy, boarding schools in the UK can offer an unrivalled opportunity to improve their English language skills and make life-long friends in a safe, secure environment. If that is what you are looking, here follows a guide of how to choose a boarding school in England from Italy.

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How to find vacancies in boarding independent schools

How to find vacancies in boarding independent schools? Get help for free!

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Finding the right school for your child might not be easy. It can be time consuming to search online for information on schools, to arrange visits or organise entrance exam. Some parents know what they need to do but would like support from someone who has their best interests at heart. And that is what we do at Which Boarding, make very easy for you to find vacancies in independent schools.

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