Boarding Schools in London

UK Boarding Schools in & Near London

Browse top boarding schools in London and near London below. Including information such as the programmes of study on offer, boarding information and extra-curricular activities. 

The geographical location of the school may play an important role when selecting the perfect boarding school for your child and many parents think of London as an ideal city due to its convenient location near international airports. The top boarding schools in London are able to offer a safe and comfortable environment for students to learn without unnecessary distractions. They also offer outdoor activities and specialist subjects to help the children achieve their goals and aspirations.

We work with boarding schools in London and the city, but also with schools with easy access to London along with all the advantages of a more rural location and more open space if that is your preference. There are many benefits of studying near the wonderful city of London. We will carefully consider the age and emotional maturity of each student, as well as the importance they may give to having access to nature, lakes, rivers or forests in contrast to access to the endless cultural activities offered by the capital. Contact us and one of our teams of highly-experienced advisors will be happy to help you find the best boarding school in London for your child.