Choosing A School

When selecting a school, it is vitally important to remember that what you are looking for is the best school for your child. Think about your child’s strengths and interests as these must be foremost in your mind before making such a vital decision.

You must also think carefully, and realistically, about how academic your child is: there is no point in choosing a highly academic school if it is going to mean he/she struggles to keep up with the demands placed on him/her for, ultimately, you will end up with an unhappy child. Look for a school where you feel your child will be stretched but not overwhelmed. Boarding schools have an excellent reputation for academic success; there is, after all, ready access to help and resources for the pupils as well as high expectations from the staff. Don’t be tempted, therefore, to only look at schools which have “the best results” – they are likely to have a more rigorous selection policy rather than better teachers!

Boarding schools normally offer a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities which are in our opinion of the greatest importance as it is these which help to provide the all round education on which UK boarding schools pride themselves. They often spark a lifelong interest in a particular field or even lead to a future vocation. So, look at the extra-curricular activities on offer at each school and see which would seem to best suit your child.
Think about whether your child would be happier in a large or small school. If he/she is self-confident the larger environment may be better especially as the larger schools tend to have better facilities. If, however, your child would be happier in a more close knit environment then, almost certainly, a smaller school would be the best option.

But don’t panic! When you have completed and sent us your enquiry form, we will be able to guide you towards the schools which we consider to be most suitable for you and, most importantly, your child’s requirements. Also, where possible it is always best to make a visit to see a prospective school so that you can get a true feeling about the place. We do provide an accompanied tour service for those parents who would like it (there is a fee charged for this).

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