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For nearly 20 years we have been helping families (both overseas and UK based) to find places for their children in the best coeducational UK boarding schools. We offer free boarding school advice and consultancy. We specialise in matching children to their most suitable UK boarding school. Our service is confidential.

What We Do

Selecting boarding schools, arranging prospectuses, appointments, visits, tests, help with enrolment, advice on visas and guardianship. We help you through every step, even after your child joins the school.

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Impartial Advice

As consultants we listen carefully to your circumstances and offer free boarding school advice, making our recommendations solely on the basis of best fit between child and UK boarding school.

Bespoke Advice

Our advice is bespoke for you and your family. Each situation is different.

We listen, think, research and advise. No off the shelf solutions.


We speak English, Spanish, Italian and German.

We are very used to helping families that don’t speak English. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Deep Knowledge

We know the best UK boarding schools. We know who to talk to. Our knowledge is deep, having been developed over many years. Ask us, we probably know the answer.

Completely Free

Our service is totally free to parents. Our income derives from boarding schools as our introductions save them money on marketing and overseas agents.

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Who We Are

We are a team of education experts who will give you individual and impartial guidance on finding the best UK boarding schools to match your requirements; we will arrange visits and tests as well as assisting with all aspects of the application and entry procedures.  We have assisted hundreds of British and international families, over many years, and look forward to helping you too.

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Boarding School Advice

How to find the best boarding school for my child?

There is a lot to think about when looking for the best boarding school for your child, as the choice of school will have a lasting impression upon your child’s life. Be realistic. There is no point in choosing a highly academic school if your child will struggle to keep up with these type of demands. Don’t be tempted to only look at schools that have the best results, they may just have a more rigorous selection policy. We can advise you on finding the best boarding schools in the UK.

At what age can my child begin boarding?

In the UK, boarding places are available from the age of 7. However, most boarders are of senior school age – traditionally, girls from the age of 11 and boys from 13. Increasingly common is boarding during A levels or International Baccalaureate (IB) study (known as 6th form), from the age of 16.

Is boarding the right choice for my child?

Boarding schools have changed considerably in the last 20 years and today they have become a very comfortable, home-from-home. Some schools also offer a great deal of flexibility with weekly boarding (staying at school during the week and returning home at weekends) and flexi-boarding (flexible boarding on the nights required) now widely available.

Is co-educational or single-sex education the best choice?

Those who favour single-sex education and choose boarding schools for boys or boarding schools for girls often argue that academic results tend to be better without the distractions of the opposite sex; those who favour co-education would not only dispute that assertion but also argue that their system was a more natural environment in which to be educated for life in the outside world. Parental preference is a key factor in making this decision.

Will my child receive an outdoors education at a UK boarding school?

Boarding schools in England and the UK usually offer a large amount of extra-curricular opportunities. In our opinion, this is highly important as it helps to provide an all-round education which is the hallmark of a top UK boarding school.

Can you help find the best boarding school for a child that has special needs?

If your child has a learning difficulty, such as dyslexia or ADHD, we can help you find the right boarding school. Some schools specialise in this area entirely while others have specialist departments within them. One of our consultants is a trained special needs teacher and will, therefore, be able to understand fully the individual needs of your child and can offer you personal advice every step of the way.

Should we choose a large or small boarding school?

If your child is self-confident a larger school may be better especially if it has better facilities. If, however, your child would be happier in a more close-knit environment then, almost certainly, a smaller school would be the best option. We know the top boarding schools in England and the UK and can advise you.

How to find the best Catholic boarding school for my child?

Although religion is a significant aspect of most catholic boarding schools, it does not dominate the entire Catholic education. We can advise you on some of the best Catholic boarding schools in the UK, which often offer a very high level of education along with extracurricular activities that help to improve a student’s personal discipline and culture.

Can you help us find a specialist boarding school in the UK?

Yes, we can help you find a specialist boarding school. It is possible to find choir schools, music schools, dance schools and art schools in the UK, which all offer general excellence as well as those which offer specialist coaching in certain sports. These schools will, of course, offer a good academic education too. There are also specialist schools that help children who have specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. We know the best specialist boarding schools and can advise you if you require this.

Can we learn more about boarding schools in the UK online?

Which Boarding School run a series of free webinars designed to introduce you to some of the best boarding schools in the UK. Visit our webinars page to find out more.

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Which Boarding is only able to advise on private (independent) UK boarding schools not maintained (state funded) schools.

Boarding fees per term are typically £7,500-£10,000 for Prep Schools (pupils aged 8-13) and £10,000-£12,000 (pupils aged 11-18).

Which Boarding School is not able to advise on scholarships.

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