Port Regis

About Port Regis

Port Regis is a co-educational day and boarding preparatory school located in Dorset for students aged 4-13. The school has 150 acres of incredible grounds and amazing facilities which give all students the opportunity to reach their full potential, whether that be in academics, sport, drama, music or something else.

Port Regis not only prepares its students for senior school, but also gives them the best start in life to prepare them for the wider world. They place emphasis on developing qualities such as generosity, courage and creativity in the students, and recognise the importance of extra-curricular activities as well as academics. This being said, the excellent staff at Port Regis ensure that the students are always stretched in their schoolwork, ensuring they are always achieving their personal best, but always keeping lessons fun too.


Boarding at Port Regis

Boarding at Port Regis is really like a home away from home. The flexible boarding options mean that students can trial boarding for short periods in order to settle in gently before potentially deciding to board full time.

There are four boarding houses with dedicated houseparents who will care for the students at all times, making them feel emotionally supported and safe and allowing them to flourish and appreciate every opportunity given to them at the school. The Health Centre available 24 hours a day provides excellent physical care in addition to this pastoral care. There are many benefits of boarding at a young age, with staff noting students develop better organisational skills and form strong friendships with their peers.

The boarding facilities are stunning, with parents describing the houses as ‘superior to that offered by many senior schools.’ Shared spaces have comfortable sofas, table football, TVs and more, so that after a long day of school the students can unwind, relax, and have fun with their friends.


Type of School Co-educational
Age Range 2-13
Distance from Airports

2 hours from Heathrow and Gatwick Airports

Distance from London

Less than 2 hours

Educational Programmes

Preparation for Common Entrance and Scholarship exams.

Co-Curricular Programmes

Port Regis really appreciates the importance of co-curricular activities in the personal development of the students. For this reason, there is the newly introduced PR Plus programme, in which Saturday mornings are now dedicated to learning beyond the classroom. A range of vocational, intellectual and collaborative activities are on offer, such as first aid, fire safety, Black History month, film making and more.

In addition to this, Port Regis’ Hobbies programme offers a choice of over 70 activities ranging from sport and academic enrichment to soap and jewellery making.

At Port Regis the staff’s priority is to ensure every child enjoys their sport, and this is helped by the vast array of different sports on offer: rugby, fencing, hockey, golf and even quidditch! There truly is something for everyone.