Orwell Park School

About Orwell Park School

Founded by the Reverend Walter Wilkinson in Lowestoft in 1868, Orwell Park School moved to Aldeburgh in 1870, changing its name three times – from Crespigny House to Eaton House to Aldeburgh Lodge. It then moved to its present site in Nacton in 1937 and was renamed Orwell Park. The magnificent building and grounds it now occupies were formerly owned by Admiral Vernon, 18th century naval hero, and Colonel Tomline, Victorian entrepreneur and founder of the Port of Felixstowe.

Orwell Park School in Nacton, near Ipswich, is situated in over 110 acres of beautiful grounds, woodland and playing fields overlooking the Orwell estuary in Suffolk. The main Prep School is housed in an exceptional late Georgian mansion. With adjacent Pre-Prep, classrooms and specialist facilities, Orwell Park has been described as one of the most beautiful school settings in England.

Orwell Park is a long-established co-educational boarding and day prep school.  The outstanding beauty of the grounds and the historic buildings contribute to an inspiring experience which combines the legacy and traditions of the past with the dynamism and energy of the present and the future. Boys and girls are given every opportunity to be the best they can be, both in and outside the classroom.  High expectations, and learning strategies tailored to the individual child, lead to high levels of attainment.

Academic achievement and pastoral care are given top priority, alongside the core values such as courtesy, personal responsibility and respect for others.  Children are encouraged to take on challenges, to overcome setbacks and to see failure as part of the journey to success, to develop the resilience, initiative, flexibility, creativity and collaborative skills that will prepare them for the next stage of their education and later life.

At Orwell Park School pupils develop a balanced sense of themselves and quiet confidence in their interactions with others.

The School’s Aims

  • To provide for all pupils an academically challenging, inspiring and fulfilling experience
  • To offer an all-round education in which happy and purposeful children can grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • To encourage children to persevere when confronted with obstacles and to understand that they can develop their abilities through dedication and application
  • To create a caring, trusting and supportive environment in which children show respect for each other and their environment
  • To excite, engage and challenge each child, motivating them to explore and develop a lifelong love of learning, supported by teachers who are passionate about their subject and are themselves lifelong learners
  • To offer all children the benefits of a school with a boarding ethos, encouraging independence, tolerance and responsibility
  • To develop in each child an increasing sense of self-reliance as they prepare for senior school, being able to question, think and work independently
  • To give each child an awareness of and an engagement with the outside world and the needs of others

Boarding at Orwell Park School

Boarding at Orwell Park seeks to develop the whole pupil, enabling them to develop confidence, independence, and an inclusive community spirit. In line with our whole school principles, they offer pupils facilities and activities which enhance social skills, cultural awareness, and respect for others. In an environment which celebrates the differences between pupils, the key life skills of resilience, self-motivation and responsibility are absorbed and developed.

In order to give full effect to these principles, pupils are cared for by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals. Their collective aim is to maintain a boarding house in which all children will be healthy, clean, well-fed and well-rested. A stimulating environment will aim to develop physical and emotional strength, as well as the opportunity to create enduring friendships.


Type of School Co-ed independent boarding and day school
School Address Orwell Park School, Nacton, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP10 0ER
Number of Pupils 280
Number of Boarders 19 full boarders (115 flexi)
International Boarders 7
Age Range 2-13 (boarding from 7)
Religious Tradition Christian
Distance from Airports

Stansted Airport: 56 miles

Distance from London

86 miles

School Links

Orwell Park Pre-prep

Co-Curricular Programmes

Our major sports are:

Boys: Rugby,Hockey,Cricket
Girls: Hockey,Netball,Cricket

Many other sporting activities take place at various times in the School year: athletics, badminton, cross country, eventing, football, golf, gymnastics, karate, sailing, skiing, squash, swimming and tennis. Young sportsmen and women from Orwell Park have achieved a considerable measure of success outside school, gaining scholarships to top senior schools and playing at county, regional and national level. Boys and girls enjoy their sport for various reasons: the coach journey, the match, the tea afterwards or the joy of being a member of a team. Whatever their motivation, sport is genuinely for all at Orwell Park!