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Lancing College

It’s difficult to quantify the magic of a Lancing College education. It’s more than the sum of its parts and it is the safe and supportive environment in which pupils grow that allows them to become dynamic, adventurous, caring individuals, each on their own incredible journey.

The Lancing family of schools offers children from nursery to eighteen years a wonderful journey of discovery and inspiration. The living and learning environment that is provided means that the school can really focus on the individual talents of the pupils, inspiring them to learn, become independent and to excel at every stage in their life.

Lancing College is a place of scholarship where pupils learn with integrity. Teaching students to be curious and to think deeply, for themselves and for the right reasons, underpinned by the essential attributes of learning. the school is not an exam factory and the teachers take delight in going far beyond teaching to the test. The learning is deeper and the excellent exam results are a wonderful by-product of the more profound and long-lasting scholarly rigour that underpins all that they do.

Boarding at Lancing College

Lancing College has a long tradition of welcoming boarders and has adapted over the years to meet the changing lives and needs of the parents and pupils.

Boarding starts at the age of 13 years (Third Form) and every year the school welcomes around 120 new boarding pupils to the seven Boarding Houses. Some pupils choose to board at Lancing in the Sixth Form.

From the moment that pupils join Lancing College, they become part of a community and – wherever they lay their heads at night – they all benefit from the all-inclusive care and support of a boarding school ethos.


Type of School Co-educational
School Address Lancing College, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 0RW
Number of Pupils 586
Number of Boarders 349
International Boarders 154
Age Range 3-18
Religious Tradition Church of England
Distance from Airports

Gatwick – 32 miles (35 minutos)

Distance from London

63 miles (1 hour 51 minutes)

School Links

Lancing Nursery
Lancing Prep Hove
Lancing Prep Worthing

Educational Programmes

GCSE, A Level

Co-Curricular Programmes

Lancing is well-known for its all-round approach to education and each week time is set aside for pupils to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities.

Co-curricular opportunities offer a wonderful chance for learning and personal development outside the academic syllabus. Pupils are encouraged and supported to try new activities as well as develop their skills. Some of these experiences can be life changing. Pupils participate fully and achieve notable success in a comprehensive range of well-organised co-curricular activities, including music, art, crafts, drama, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, CCF, outdoor pursuits, farming and equestrianism. Individual and group achievement and progress in a wide range of sports is outstanding, with pupils of all abilities feeling included in this high achievement.