Headington School

About Headington School

Set in 23 acres a mile from the centre of beautiful and historic Oxford, a seat of learning for over nine centuries, Headington School provides a stimulating, enriching and forward-thinking environment for all pupils, where achievement, enterprise, creativity and leadership are nurtured and developed.

At Headington, they encourage challenge and value every individual, promoting honesty, openness, tolerance and understanding. By cultivating self-confidence, independence and responsibility, the students are equipped for an active and positive role in an ever-changing world.

What they offer our girls is an opportunity – the opportunity to be taught in a style that suits them. The opportunity to have their needs put first, always. The opportunity to challenge gender roles and stereotypes and thrive in areas they might never have dreamt of.

The opportunity to be taught and inspired by some of the best teachers in their fields and to achieve top academic results. To join, run and form teams, clubs and societies which fascinate, challenge and excite. To go places, see things, try things, meet people, learn, live, develop and mature.

Founded more than 100 years ago, the founders of Headington School had both the courage and the foresight to establish a school for girls in the middle of the First World War. They understood that the world was changing forever; indeed early documents talk about providing ‘a sound education for girls to fit them for the demands and opportunities likely to arise after the war’. Fast forward 100 years and, whilst we have come a long way, there is still work to be done.

Headington School knows your daughter’s future will be in a world filled with jobs and professions which do not yet exist and that she will have to find her way in a world where women still earn less than men for the same work. Everything they do at Headington is geared towards making her just a little bit more prepared for that future, whether that’s expanding her mind with the skills, knowledge and ability to lead in her field, or providing her with the emotional intelligence and sense of self-worth which will ensure she is ready for whatever her next challenge will be.

Headington School is truly a wonderful place, with first-class facilities, excellent teachers and staff and outstanding academic results. However, it is the spirit of the girls which makes it so incredibly special. If you think your daughter could be one of them, we would love to welcome you to Headington for a taste of all that they have to offer.

Boarding at Headington School

Boarders at Headington benefit from all that the wonderful city has to offer, from museums, concerts and galleries to shopping leisure and close links with the two universities. Whether it is help with homework from the boarding tutors or just someone to talk to, the comprehensive network of support ensures that every girl feels looked after and relaxed when boarding at Headington School.


Type of School Girls only day and boarding school
School Address Preparatory School: Headington Preparatory School, 26 London Road, Oxford OX3 7PB. Senior School: Headington School, Headington Road, Oxford OX3 7TD
Number of Pupils 1095
Number of Boarders 180
International Boarders 120
Age Range 11-18
Religious Tradition Christian
Distance from Airports

London Gatwick:80 miles; Luton Airport: 50 miles

Distance from London

50 miles

School Links

Headington Prep and Nursery

Educational Programmes

GCSE, A levels, IB Diploma

Co-Curricular Programmes

At Headington we firmly believe that Sport is for all. That means we offer performance training and strength coaching for our elite athletes along with a wide range of different sports clubs and teams for girls of all ages and abilities.

We recognise not every girl will enjoy team sports so make sure there are lots of different opportunities for healthy physical activity, from Cheerleading to Equestrian, from Fencing to Rock Climbing.

There are opportunities for every girl to improve, develop and excel and our ambition is for each girl to leave school having found a sport she loves.

Girls are encouraged to think and explore beyond the curriculum in a wide variety of ways.
We offer a range of different clubs and societies aimed at stretching and challenging girls of all ages and abilities.
Whether your daughter would like to try her hand at debating, learn more about the Classical world or build and programme robots, we can offer something to capture her imagination and enrich her learning experience.
Each year we encourage our girls to take part in a day of enrichment where the whole school goes off timetable for a day of activities.