About Earlscliffe

Earlscliff School

Earlscliffe is an independent sixth-form school, situated on the east-Kent coastline. Earlscliffe offers an intimate, highly-personalised environment, with a maximum class size of 10 during the academic year. All accommodation is of the highest standard and ‘on-site’ with recently refurbished en-suite bathrooms. All meals are catered for by the school’s personal chefs, enabling all dietary requirements to be accommodated.

Education at Earlscliffe

Earlscliffe was ranked at number 38 out of 4303 schools teaching A-level in The Telegraph’s ‘Top 100 secondary schools by A-level results’ published on 29/01/15. In relation to this, Earlscliffe offers a personalised approach with weekly TRaC testing (results of which are sent home every week). Earlscliffe really does believe to offer the best in British education. Earlscliffe offers various courses throughout the academic year, including A levels, University Foundation and University Preparation and GCSE/IGCSE/International Transition Year.

Earlscliffe also offers 3 different programmes in the summer; all with 22 hours of lessons per week followed by activities and excursions in the afternoons, evenings and weekends, catering for different student needs. English Enrichment: for ages 13-17 years. Themes include; topical news and UNESCO debates, advanced reading comprehension, extended writing, critical thinking, project time; making films and radio shows, trips & activities. Mini-MBA: for ages 15-17 years, with a B2 + level. This inspirational and ambitious programme is for students wanting the perfect introduction to the exciting and productive world of business management and administration.

The course outline involves Introduction to Management, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Organisations and Marketing. Uni-Prep: for ages 16-17 years+, with a B2 + level. This programme is typically for students looking at going to university in the next 1-2 years either in the UK, USA or their own countries. This course includes IELTS lessons & exam preparation, critical thinking, extended essay writing, Oxbridge entry procedure, personal statement guidance for UCAS or general & UNESCO debates, research skills, note-taking skills, choosing universities, public speaking skills, student finance and visiting Oxford and London universities. Earlscliffe also offers an Easter programme where students complete 16 hours of English lessons a week, typically in the mornings, followed by a comprehensive activity enrichment programme with 3 excursions a week.

Boarding at Earlscliffe

Earscliffe provides five boarding houses, two for girls and three for boys, all within easy walking distance of the main college. Most rooms are spacious twins with private WC and bathroom; each student has his or her own wardrobe and desk space, and all rooms are Wi-fi connected. The high standard of accommodation is attractive to today’s student, and all the more so given Earlscliffe’s beautiful Victorian façades. The classrooms and laboratory were also renovated and newly-equipped so that they provide a fresh, bright, yet intimate environment in which the students and staff go about their daily business.


Type of School An independent residential college that offers university preparation courses or students from all over the world.
School Address Earlscliffe, 29 Shorncliffe Rd, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2NB
Number of Pupils 130
Number of Boarders 130
International Boarders 123
Age Range 15 to 19 years.
Distance from Airports

Gatwick – 75 minutes; Heathrow – 90 minutes; Stansted – 90 minutes; Luton – 105 minutes.

Distance from London

55 minutes via High Speed rail.

Educational Programmes

A-levels are completed over two years, with public, externally-assessed examinations at the end of the first year (As level) and second year (A-level). Students usually study 4 traditional subjects including their own language for university entry. University Foundation/Business Diploma is for students who have completed their own country’s formal secondary school certificate/qualification(s). Students must be 17yrs+, IELTS level 5.0 or equivalent. There are two pathways to choose from; sciences or humanities, as well as Business Diploma.

International Transition Year/GCSE/IGCSE is a 1 year course for students aged 15yrs+ prior to A-levels or return to native country to finish schooling. Most students choose 6 subjects to take to GCSE/IGCSE examination. 50% of their timetable is made up of academic subjects, 50% English Language. Earlscliffe also offers summer and Easter courses for students aged 8-17years.

Co-Curricular Programmes

Earlscliffe offers a full Sports, Culture and Service (SCS) programme which provides all students with diverse extra-curricular activities to enrich their experiences whilst studying in the UK. Students are off timetable for sports on Wednesday afternoons, with other activities and excursions offered after lessons every other day of the week and at weekends; including trips to Paris, Berlin and New York. Earlscliffe is an associated UNESCO school since 2012, doing all possible to fulfil the UNESCO mission.

One highlight of this is visiting the United Nations headquarters in New York. Students who are considering a career in finance, banking, investment or economics will participate in the JP Morgan Schools Programme day in Bournemouth. Formal Dinners are hosted at least once a term, where guest speakers share some wisdom through tales and anecdotes from a range of careers, including; politicians, musicians, artists, business people, philosophers and philanthropists. Each year sees Earlscliffe enter teams into national debating competitions offered by The English Speaking Union and The Oxford Union. All our mathematics and science students are entered for Senior UK Challenge Competitions, where we aim for prestigious Gold Awards.

Students take part in events, lectures, exhibitions, seminars and interactive sessions led by Cambridge scientists including Nobel prize winners. Earlscliffe scientists have regular visits to CERN near Geneva, JET nuclear fusion centre in Oxfordshire, Dungeness nuclear reactor, Royal Society lectures in London and Bletchley Park. Earlscliffe students have the opportunity to undertake their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards, where they have to commit to learning/undertaking hours in physical, skills and volunteering sections, whilst working towards their self-sufficient expeditions.