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About Cobham Hall

Girls Boarding School - Cobham Hall

At Cobham Hall, they aspire to produce extraordinary girls, each extraordinary in her own way. Cobham Hall believes education is about showing children that with the right knowledge, skills and attitude, the possibilities are endless. The school want every girl to realise there is more in her than she thinks.

Cobham Hall is unique; there is no other school in the world quite like it. By offering a caring environment and an inclusive spirit, and encouraging girls to challenge themselves – both their abilities and their perceptions – and by their taking part in everything Cobham Hall has to offer, students discover more about themselves. In turn, the girls excel academically and leave fully prepared for the paths that they have chosen.

Girls acquire the knowledge they need to pass examinations, but also learn the skills needed to apply, assess, evaluate, use, re-evaluate, and develop that knowledge as they journey through life, enabling them to thrive after school and beyond in a world that constantly changes. We believe it is the combination of five key reasons – focus on the individual, challenge and opportunities, pastoral care and wellbeing, diversity, and our inspirational setting – that result in each girl achieving more than they themselves believed possible.

Boarding at Cobham Hall

When boarders are asked what words they would use to describe Cobham Hall Boarding, they answer with ‘sisterhood’, ‘never boring’, ‘friends forever’ and ‘laughter’. From outings with other Year Groups to whole School events, the Boarding community at Cobham Hall is, as you’d expect, a family.

Whether a Boarder or a day girl, there are ‘Big Sisters’ – girls allocated from the year above to help the children settle in. There’s also Heads of House – girls chosen by their peers to act as a liaison between the girls and the Housemistresses, and of course, the Housemistresses, always armed with a smile and a ready ear to listen – whether you need a serious chat or a someone to share a joke with.

As with any family, it’s important each member feels valued and heard, and so each year group regularly has meetings with a Housemistress. A chance to catch-up, unwind and raise any concerns they may have, these meetings are a useful tool in ironing out any niggles before they become major issues – hot chocolate and cake are always a popular addition to these meetings.

Years 7 to 10 live in Bligh House, and Year 11 live in Main Hall – the original 16th Century Manor House. Girls are encouraged to have their input into the decoration of the accommodation.

The sixth Form lives in Brooke, one of two dedicated Boarding Houses. Still overseen by Housemistresses, the Sixth Form are encouraged to live more independent lives and are expected to find their own balance between study, personal leisure time and organised activities.

The girls are involved in choosing their trips and activities. There are two mid-week evening outings in the local area, rotating between different year groups. The weekends are reserved for bigger outings further afield – although each term there will be a chillout Sunday; the perfect opportunity to get that lie-in, make the most of the School’s grounds or simply relax in one of the Common Rooms.


Type of School Girls
School Address Cobham Hall, Brewers Road, Cobham, Kent, DA12 3BL
Number of Pupils 137
Number of Boarders 37
Age Range 11-18
Religious Tradition Inter-denominational
Distance from Airports

Gatwick – 45 minutes by car; Stansted – 1 hour by car; Heathrow – just over 1 hour by car; London City Airport – 40 minutes by car.

Distance from London

Ebbsfleet International Train station is just 10 minutes away by car, and offers high speed rail services to London taking 17 minutes.

Educational Programmes

GCSEs/iGCSEs. From September 2018, Sixth Form study a broad curriculum based around A Levels. Short Courses offered, including an Intensive English Support Programme, and one-year GCSE, Pre-A level.

Co-Curricular Programmes

Cobham Hall offers a range of extra-curricular activities, from the many sporting, artistic, musical, and dramatic to Model United Nations, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Voice, Drama and Communication lessons, leading to LAMDA examinations for those who wish to take these. If a particular club or interest is not cater for, girls are encouraged to start their own.