Sedbergh School and Casterton Sedbergh Preparatory School

About Sedbergh School and Casterton Sedbergh Preparatory School

Sedbergh Senior School

Founded in 1525, Sedbergh School is a co-educational Christian school and one of the few remaining 7 days a week boarding schools in the UK. Pupils board in our 3 girls’ Houses and 6 boys’ Houses with each House overseen by a resident Housemaster/mistress. Sedbergh is one of only a few schools to retain in-House dining with all meals taken in the boarding house. Sedbergh offers exceptional pastoral care and the opportunity for each pupil to achieve their potential whether talents are academic, sporting or artistic. The magnificent location of both schools inspires learning in and out of the classroom.
Each pupil has a tutor who assists in areas of academic, social, emotional or other needs. With nearly 100% pass rates at A-Level, I-GCSE and GCSE each year, virtually all pupils leave to go on to top British Universities. Individual coaching and tuition are important in all subjects whether academic, music, or sport.

At weekends, because there are no flexi or weekly boarders and no fixed exeats, pupils remain on campus and are just as busy as during the week with sport, drama, music, debates, and a social event every Saturday evening.

Casterton Sedbergh Preparatory School

At Casterton Sedbergh Preparatory School foundations are laid for nurturing the resilience children need as young adults and the tenacity essential for achieving high standards. The activities programme and 24/7 personal care, breadth of opportunity and depth of involvement is what sets us apart. Maths competitions, explosions and dissections in Science lessons, pony care at our stables and collecting eggs from our chickens create outstanding memories. Above all, we develop a sense of success in each and every pupil. Facilities include a new Design and Manufacturing Department, 7 Science specific laboratories, floodlit astro and tennis courts, theatre, heated pool, an equestrian centre and an iMAC and iPad suite.

Boarding at Sedbergh

Sedbergh has nine senior Houses, six for boys and three for girls. Each House has its own dining room which enables the whole House to eat together with staff. House chefs respond to individual dietary needs. Common rooms and a library (in addition to the House Library), enable pupils to socialise and study together.

Staff are as committed to their Houses as pupils. The structure of daily routines is balanced by a relaxed and homely feel and is encouraged by the resident Housemaster or Housemistress and their families. Assistant Housemasters/Housemistresses and House Tutors are resident in each House and supported by a strong team of non-resident Tutors. Year Heads oversee academic progress and work closely with House staff to ensure pupils are well supported in their studies. Together, they closely monitor pupils’ welfare as well as their academic progress and social development. Senior pupils offer support for the younger ones, whether by helping them to find their way around, playing games with them or assisting them with ‘Prep.’

Each House offers an exciting array of activities – ranging from pure fun to inter-House competitions, which cover almost every facet of School life, be it chess, rugby, sailing or netball, academic challenge, music or drama. Pupils are inspired to take on new challenges in support of their peers and the House. This range of opportunity ensures that every individual contributes their talents to collective achievement and ensures that each pupil benefits from an all-round education.

With their own colours, flag, motto and emblem, House members develop a strong sense of loyalty to their House and pride in its achievements.


Type of School Co-educational
School Address Sedbergh School, Sedbergh, Cumbria, LA10 5HG
Number of Pupils 746
Pupils Boys 461
Pupils Girls 285
Pupils Prep 201
Number of Boarders 535 FULL boarders (7 days a week) Prep School: 27 Full Boarders (7 days a week) 29 Weekly Boarders (6 days a week) 26 Flexi Boarders (3/4 days a week). Senior School: 13-18 Prep School: 4-13 (boarders accepted from 8 years)
International Boarders 20% international
Age Range Senior School 13-18, Prep School 4-13 (boarders accepted from 8 years)
Religious Tradition Church of England
Distance from Airports

Senior: Manchester: 85 miles; Liverpool:  91 miles

Prep: Manchester: 80 miles; Liverpool:  86 miles

Distance from London

277 miles; 271 miles (Prep)

Educational Programmes

GCSE and A Levels. Some BTEC courses

Co-Curricular Programmes

Senior School:
Outside of the classroom, Sedbergh offers numerous extra-curricular opportunities ranging from orchestras, choirs, swing bands, brass bands, and ensembles. Drama and Dance productions occur regularly and some 35 different sports are offered including rugby, running, athletics, tennis, swimming, netball, sailing, fishing, mountain biking, horse-riding, and basketball. Many Sedbergh pupils go on to represent their sport at the national level.
Prep School:

In addition to more than 20 sports, pupils have immediate access to numerous outdoor pursuits, including sailing, fell walking, climbing, horse riding and ghyll scrambling, in addition to caring for our school chickens, goats and rabbits! The setting of the Prep School also offers an inspiring backdrop for budding young artists, and an extended classroom to give vivid life to subjects such as Geography, Geology and Natural History.
We also host academic societies, poetry readings and debating competitions as well as English Speaking Board examinations to further expand pupils’ curiosity and confidence. Ballet and jazz lessons are recent additions as are clubs for those interested in chess, archaeology and conservation.