Ashford School

About Ashford School

At Ashford School, our educational philosophy is based on a very simple assumption: if a pupil is happy and secure, they are more likely to be successful. To achieve this, we believe that learning should be challenging, motivating and lead to a sense of fulfilment. This is why we strive to provide an environment that encourages growth and adventure so that our students can develop into all that they are capable of being.

Whether your child is a baby, a young child, a teenager or a young adult, Ashford School has the tools to equip them for an every-changing world. We hope to produce emotionally resilient and adaptable human beings who can make a tangible difference in the world, yet have humility and kindness at their core.

Parents choose Ashford School because of our well-developed reputation for getting the best from your child by surrounding them with highly capable, expert adults from a wide variety of backgrounds, and by availing your child with hundreds of experiences in and outside the classroom. The pupils’ results speak for themselves.

Type of School Co-educational
Number of Pupils 840
Pupils Prep 360
Age Range 3-18 (11-18 in the senior school, 3-11 in the prep school)
Religious Tradition Christian
Distance from Airports

London Heathrow – less than 90 minutes

London Gatwick – less than 90 minutes

Distance from London

55.6 miles (2 hours); 37 minutes by train

School Links

Ashford Prep School

Educational Programmes

GCSE, A Levels

Co-Curricular Programmes

Our co-curricular programme of activities gives pupils ample opportunity to develop their particular interests, be they sports, arts, craft, music, volunteering, debating or enterprise: but there is always room to learn something new and this is not only important but essential to nurturing confident and capable young adults. Choosing an activity after school is, therefore, a must for children in Years 7-9 and we encourage them to take a new selection every term. Further up the school, pupils tend to take a more flexible approach, and you will even see sixth-formers setting up their own clubs and societies.